Duchy Capri & Classic Ford Club :: A Club Based in the Duchy of Cornwall for the Ford Capri & Classic Fords

Mark Roberts

Name: Mark Roberts
Main Capri: Black Mk 3 2.8 Injection Special

Steve Hunt

Name: Steve Hunt
Main Capri: Yellow Mk 3 2.0 S

Carl Hicks

Name: Carl Hicks
Main Capri: Red Mk 1 3000

Paul Marshall

Name: Paul Marshall
Main Capri(s): 280 Brooklands, Glacier Blue over Caspian 1984 2.8 Injection, Graphite grey over silver 1981 1.6 Calypso

Peter Thomas

Name: Peter Thomas
Main Capri: Silver Mk III Capri 1.6 GL

John Adamson

Name: John Adamson
Main Capri: Metallic Blue Capri 2.0 Ghia Auto

Pete Parnell

Name: Pete Parnell
Main Capri: 280 Brooklands Cosworth

Winston Wallace

Name: Winston Wallace
Main Capri: Rosso Red 2.8 Injection (5 Speed)

Bernard Bagley

Name: Bernard Bagley
Main Capri: Black Capri 3.0S

Robert Ould

Name: Robert Ould
Main Capri: Rosso Red 2.0 Laser

Dave Anderson

Name: Dave Anderson
Main Capri: Capri 2.8 Injection 4 Speed

Kevin Philp

Name: Kevin Philp
Main Capri: White Mk 3 2.8 Injection Special

Tom Parsons

Name: Tom Parsons
Main Capri: Lacquer Red Mk 3 2.0 Laser

Will Pearce

Name: Will Pearce
Main Classic Ford: Mk1 Ford Fiesta 1.1

Lewis Roberts

Name: Lewis Roberts
Last Classic Ford: Crystal Green Mk1 Fiesta

Josh Lovelock

Name: Josh Lovelock
Main Classic Ford: Yellow Mk2 Ford Escort Mexico

Geoff Lawry

Name: Geoff Lawry
Main Classic Ford: Ford Escort Mk2 RS2000

Linda Ould

Name: Linda Ould
Main Classic Ford: Mk 4 2.0 Cortina

Gary Down

Name: Gary Down
Main Classic Ford: Ford Sierra XR4i

Lee Drakeley

Name: Lee Drakeley
Main Classic Ford: Escort RS Turbo S2

Charles Dormer

Name: Charles Dormer
Main Classic Ford: Fiesta Mk1 XR2

Darren Wilton

Name: Darren Wilton
Main Classic Ford: Capri 2.8 Injection Special

Mark Pearce

Name: Mark Pearce
Main Classic Ford: Capri 2.8 Injection Special

Andy Boswarthick

Name: Andy Boswarthick
Main Classic Ford: Anglia 105E

Steve Johns

Name: Steve Johns
Main Classic Ford: Capri 2.8 Turbo

Ian Lacey

Name: Ian Lacey
Main Capri: 1956 Ford Mk2 Consul

Chris Lacey

Name: Chris Lacey
Main Classic Ford: Ford Consul Classic 315

Jerry Harvey

Name: Jerry Harvey
Main Capri: Escort RS2000 Mk2

Andy King

Name: Andy King
Main Capri: Capri 3.0 Ghia Manual

Jordan Jameson

Name: Jordan Jameson
Main Capri: Capri 2.0S replica

Stephen Sinclair

Name: Stephen Sinclair
Main Capri: Classic Capri 1964

Jeremy Erscott

Name: Jeremy Erscott
Main Capri: White 1978 1600 GL