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Birmingham NEC Classic Car Show – 27th to 29th October 2006

One of the biggest classic car gatherings of the year!

Vospers 60th Birthday, Marsh Mills, Plymouth, 5th October 2006

Thursday 5th October

Written by: Tristan Barratt

Meeting at Chiverton for 1600hrs, we had Mark, Steve, Martin, Gary, Tony, Tris and Trevor. We then met up with Nigel W and Sabrina en route. A good run up was slightly marred when Tris’s 280 refused to start outside the showroom. After a push, it fired up and was moved inside where it would share floorspace with many other Fords old and new from throughout the years. After the grand unveiling of a brand new Ford GT, we browsed around the other cars on show and left for home.

In the rain.


Duchy Capri Club Season Finale Car Run – Sunday 24th September 2006

Run from Truro to The Lizard

Written by: Tristan Barratt

Meeting in Truro was possibly not the brightest of ideas on Tris’s part, as the half-marathon was taking part that day, which meant the rendezvous car park was nearly full! After finally gathering in Staples car park (much to their customers’ surprise!) We chatted for a while and then departed for our ultimate destination – THE LIZARD!

Tris and Del took the lead, pulling of with bizarre wigs (which seem to have become a bit of a club fetish this year!) looking like a freakish Bo and Luke Duke.

We arrived in the village after a good run, to find that the area we expected to be roped off for us wasn’t! Still, there was plenty of space at the other side of the car park where we all re-grouped.

After a fabulous roast lunch in the Top House pub, we mingled and finally headed off again. We traversed from The Lizard to Helston, then proceeded towards Penzance, before hooking up with the main A30 travelling back up through the county.

Morris Minor Classic Show, Crealy Adventure Park, 17th September 2006

Sunday 17th September

Written by: Tristan Barratt

We all met up at Chiverton roundabout as usual at 0930hrs. We then went on to the showground at Crealy Adventure Park near Wadebridge. Just for a change, it was raining, so we arrived, were shown where to set up and took shelter as soon as possible. As the day wore on, the clouds broke up a little, even allowing a little sunshine through at one point. A slightly disappointing turnout of cars around the park, but a good day out nonetheless. The added bonus of a log flume and raft rides meant that anyone who hadn’t been caught in the rain ended up soaked to the skin anyway!

Blue Ridge Runners, Bridgewater, 10th September 2006

Held at Bridgewater, Somerset

Ford Fair – Silverstone, 5th & 6th August 2006

Saturday 5th August

Written By: Mark Roberts

We left in two groups, 5.00am and 6.30am. The 5.00am group contained Gary S, Steve, Tony M, Martin, Sarah, Will, Dave and Adam. They had a trouble free run to the Travel Lodge in Towcester. The 6.30am group were Mark, Lewis, Trevor, Tyler, Sabrina, George, Nigel, Kate and Gary H. We were going fine until Bridgewater when Sabrina’s Sierra 4×4 overheated and had to be recovered. With the Sierra on its way back to Cornwall, Sabrina carried on in her Capri, which George was driving. The rest of the journey was fine and when we arrived we met up with the others. Tony and Mike then arrived with Mike’s Mondeo’s.

Sunday 6th August

We were all up early and left the Travel Lodge at 6.30am for the short drive to Silverstone. Once inside we parked the cars in an arch shape with the Mondeos and an Escort RST (which had joined us from Camborne) in the middle. Paul arrived from Exeter which made a total of 9 capri’s, our best ever at Ford Fair. After a look around the autojumble it was time to watch Martin who was due on the track for his 20 minute session. He had a wicked time and came off the track with a big grin on his face. The rest of the day was spent between the trade stands, cars on show and the track action. There were loads of great Capris on show, but the highlight of the day had to be the Old Skool Ford stand.

We were all thinking about heading back to Cornwall when Marc Stretton and photographer Simon Dodd from Classic Ford turned up for a group photo of the club for the mag, Bargain! a big thank you to Marc and Simon and a great way to end an excellent show.

Perranporth Classic Car Show – Monday 24th July 2006

Seafront Car Park, 1930hrs.

Written by: Tristan Barratt

Mark, Steve, Gary, Tony, Dave and Tris met at Chiverton Cross services at 1845hrs and headed the short distance to Perranporth in convoy. At one point en route, Gary was waylaid when an unwelcome visitor arrived in his car, in the shape of a wasp. Once dispatched, we continued to the venue, a small green in front of the Perranporth surgery. We all parked up safely (a few exhausts scraped on the way in) Paul arrived with his gorgeous 280 and we were then joined by a fellow enthusiast who had just bought a Capri a few days before! Ian dashed home (locally) and arrived back at the venue with his new acquisition. Many people enjoyed the spectacle of the Capris parked up and we were happy to chat with them and answer any questions. After a few of us had a fish and chip supper, a stroll along the seafront to view the other attendees was the order of the evening.

A small but intimate show, this is a pleasant evening spent in a great location, fortunately with perfect weather.

Wadebridge Wheels – Sunday 9th July 2006

Royal Cornwall Showground.

Written by: Tristan Barratt

Mark, Gary S, Dave and Tris met initially at Chiverton Cross services at 0930hrs. We then left in convoy for Wadebridge, meeting Nigel W and Sabrina en route. We arrived at the showground a little after 1000hrs with heavy skies and a hint of drizzle in the air.

We met Paul in the showground itself and set up the display. 12 Capri’s in total were on display, with new member Jenny arriving in her recently restored Laser, and Trevor arriving later on. Wadebridge Wheels is one of the largest of it’s type in Cornwall, with a wide variety of vehicles old and new. Traction engines and static display engines were there, along with American vehicles and custom vehicles of every description!

Cornwall RS Show – Sunday 25th June 2006

Held at the Football Club at Bodmin.

Written by: Tristan Barratt

Mark, Gary S, Dave and Tris met initially at Chiverton Cross services at an ungodly 0830hrs. We set off and met with Nigel W at Carland Cross and arrived at the Football Grounds at Bodmin at 0900, where we met up with Neil and Paul. We set our stand up and made the most of the few hours of sunshine – just before it clouded over. We enjoyed watching everyone else polishing their cars and felt slightly guilty that we weren’t doing the same! Judging came and went and approaching 1500hrs, we packed up ready to leave (Well, it was an England Match in the World Cup that afternoon!) As we were leaving the grounds, Mark was stopped and told that we had won the “Best Stand of the Day!” Everyone was ecstatic! A perfect end to a great day.

Classic Ford Show – 10th & 11th June 2006

Held at Santa Pod Raceway, Northants.

Written by: Mark Roberts

SATURDAY 10th June

We all met up at the layby opposite Kessels for 0730hrs. A total of 5 Capris, A Ford Mondeo and a Vauxhall Zafira made their way up the A30/M5 to our first stop at Taunton Services. After a brief stop, we soldiered on but Sabrina had an overheating problem on the M4. We pulled in to do some running repairs, aided by a very nice AA man! Steve, Tony, Martin and Will (in the Vauxhall) had already gone ahead hoping to put up the tent and although they arrived 2 hours ahead of us, I had the tickets so they couldn’t get in! We got going again, with Sabrina, then left her and George as they were staying with friends. After a ‘slight’ detour at Silverstone, we finally got to Santa Pod and set up camp. Later on, Nigel, Paul and girlfriend from Exeter turned up with 2 more Capris. The evening was spent looking at cars, auto jumble and a few beers.

SUNDAY 11th June

We were up early and met Sabrina and George on our stand just after 0700hrs. All the cars were neatly parked and the club kit was put up. By now the sun was out and a load more cars were turning up. After a good old ‘english’, the day was spent equally between the drag strip, the auto jumble and the cars on show.

During a visit to the Classic Ford Feature Cars, I bumped into Marc Stretton for a chat and he said he really liked our website. We saw some great cars go down the strip; the Harris Escorts, Capris and the awesome Mk 3 Cortina but the highlight of the day had to be the 2 runs by Fireforce 3. Unfortunately, it was soon time to pack the cars and ready for the off. We left at around 1730hrs and came back a different route via the M6, led by Paul, our newest member.

Best show of the year – can’t wait for 2007.

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