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Duchy Capri Club and Cornwall RS Owners Christmas Bash Saturday 8th December 2007

For the second year running, Cornwall RS Owners invited us to join them at their Christmas bash.

Written by: Tristan Barratt

Held at the Cliffdene Hotel, Newquay, we had a 5 course meal followed by a disco and an all nightbar. As night turned into morning, a handful of members from each club had the previous year’s record of 5:34am in mind. We actually called it a day at 5:50am…

and still made it for breakfast.

We would like to thank the Cornwall RS Owners for a fantastic night!

Classic Motor Show at the NEC Birmingham – Sunday November 11th 2007

Members from Duchy Capri Club made the long journey to the NEC for the annual Classic Motor Show.

Written by: Mark Roberts

Once again this was a fantastic day out with even more to see and do. We spent most of our time in the hall with the Fords.

There were loads of Ford clubs representing every classic Ford, but our favourite stand of the day was the Capri Mk1 Register. they had 3 cracking cars, a 1969 pre-facelift 1300 automatic, a pre-facelift 2.0GT and an RS3100.

Mike Brewer and Ed China were entertaining the crowds, while Mike spoke to car owners on stage and Ed restored a Mini.

If you are a classic car fan, this is well worth a visit. We can’t wait for next year.

Duchy Capri Club Season Finale Car Run – Sunday 30th September 2007

The weather was pretty good for the final run of the season for the club.

Written by: Tristan Barratt

About half of us met at Chiverton services as usual but at a fairly leisurely 1100hrs. The pub, the Harvest Moon at Looe had double booked on the day and couldn’t fit us in to eat until 1430hrs.

So, we cruised over to the main meeting point in the car park at the Kingsley Village at Fraddon for about 1130hrs.

After chatting for a while, we grouped and went on our way towards Looe, via a pretty scenic route.

We arrive in Looe safely and took residence in the main large car park (which was a pay and display – which everybody b*ll*cked Tris about) and meandered over to the pub, where everybody had a good, if not well overdue lunch.

After which, the club left Looe via a different route and unfortunately got split up on the way back.

One good thing was that Tris’s mum, driving back from Liskeard on that day, did comment that she saw 3 lovely looking Capris on the A30, red blue and grey, which we ascertained to be Del, Gary and Trevor.

Morris Minor Classic Show, Crealy Adventure Park, 16th September 2007

Everybody met initially at Chiverton services at 0900hrs

Written by: Tristan Barratt

We left for Crealy and cruised steadily up there, with most of us ignoring the advances of a Porsche driver on the dual stretch after Carland Cross.

When we finally caught up with Martin and Steve after they had pulled off the A30, we continued onto Crealy.

After being ushered into our usual space, we all set off to explore the thrills of the park. Sadly, this year there were not as many cars on display, due to the fact that there was a Steam Rally at nearby St Mawgan on the same day.

The weather held though, with the odd smattering of rain, but not half as much as was available on the log flume. Gary managed an absolute soaking this year and followed up by offering everyone hugs immediately after, which, for some strange reason, most declined.

Tris even managed to avoid doing his knee in like he did last year, by acting like a kid in the house thing that houses a demon drop and the ball pool.

It’s interesting to note (if you like that sort of thing) that Kim Henson from “Classics” magazine was in attendance at the show, driving down in his Austin A60 Cambridge from Poole in Dorset. He won the “Furthest Distance Travelled in 2006” and there’s no reason why he shouldn’t have done the same this year.

After admiring the cars that were there and taking full advantage of the rides (please don’t ever let me go on the pirate ship again – especially after a chicken and bacon roll and full pack of Tesco’s rip off prawn cocktail Skips) the group eventually chose their time to leave.

Sadly, on the way home, Sam and Tris saw what looked like quite a bad accident, involving the minty green coloured Ford Popular SSK 702, where it was on it’s side in a layby on the opposite side of the road. The Police were in attendance and it looked like everyone was fine – except the car though.

Ford Fair – 5th August 2007

Held at Silverstone

Written by: Mark Roberts

The members made the long trip to Silverstone for this year’s Ford Fair.

There were a total of 8 Capris on the stand and we were joined by a Sierra, 2 Mondeos and a S2 RS Turbo Escort.

The highlight of the day was Martin’s track session, eventually making it 2 second place in his group (though against an Evo, it doesn’t really count…) and entertaining everyone as he did it.

Bodmin RS Show – 24th June 2007

Held at the Football Club at Bodmin

Written by: Tristan Barratt

Gary, Tony, Tris, Nigel and Mark met at Chiverton Services and we collected Sabrina & George en route.

Arriving at the venue for 0930hrs, we were pointed to our stand location, near the far end of the car park on the left. We set the stand up and had a wander. Martin and Will arrived and joined the end of our line up. The rain sadly set in at about 1200hrs and was pretty persistent from then on. In between soakings, Andy arrived with his gorgeous Mk 1 Cortina, and promptly won 2nd in class. Duchy Capri Club were again awarded the best club stand of the day.

Plus Tony won a set of posh wheel trims for his Shogun in the raffle.

Classic Ford Show – 9th & 10th June 2007

Held at Santa Pod Raceway, Northants.

Written by: Tristan Barratt

Sadly, the weather wasn’t fabulous for the show but it certainly didn’t dampen anybody’s enthusiasm!

Most of the members arrived on Saturday to setup camp for the night and indulge in the pre-main show atmosphere.

As the Sunday dawned, the rest of the club arrived and the stand was setup. After breakfast, it was time to explore the hundreds of classic Fords in attendance. Many different clubs had come from all round the British Isles and the variety of cars was excellent, from mint, standard Anglias through to highly modified Sierras and Escorts.

The drag strip was an undoubted highlight though, with several different classes being run, from RWYB (“Run What You Brung”) through the funny cars right up to the fantastically noisy, crowd pleasing jet-car, which achieved a top speed on the day of 260mph and covered the 1/4 mile in only 6.175 seconds.

We reckon even Martin would struggle to match that.

Duchy Capri Club Classic Car Show – Sunday 20th May 2007

2007 was our biggest and best show to date!

Written by: Tristan Barratt

With well over 100 classic cars, the majority of them being classic Fords and the weather being good for most of the day, it truly was a cracking show.

We had show cars travelling from as far afield as Preston and Kent. The turnout was superb, with an extremely high standard of cars being presented for judging.

Duchy Capri Club would also like to thank Flambards for hosting the event and all the traders who turned out on the day.

Duchy Capri Club Season Premiere Car Run – Sunday 29th April 2007

From Fraddon to Bude – via Davidstow on Bodmin Moor

Written by: Tristan Barratt

Mark, Gary, Tris , Dave, Steve, Martin, Carl and Barry met at Chiverton, then we carried on in convoy to the arranged meet point at Fraddon, where we met Sabrina, George, Paul & Marlene, Nigel W, Nigel B and new member Mike in a gorgeous 3.0 litre Ghia.

From there we went in convoy up to Davidstow (via a “very scenic” diversion round Camelford) where Tris wanted to take some pictures of everybody and their cars for the website.

After what seemed like hours, we left and carried onto Bude, parking in the main car park and indulging in a very welcome roast dinner.

From there, we regrouped in the car park to talk Capri for a while, before making our way back home.

The good journey back was only marred by some stupid old numpty in a diesel Fiesta who seemed hellbent on overtaking everything on the roads that day and pushing his way in and out of the convoy.

He achieved a lot too – apparently Gary caught up with him at Chiverton Cross and hopefully wupped his crinkly ass on the bypass…

Old Skool Ford Run – Exeter – 26th January 2007

Cruise up to Exeter with the Old Skool Ford boys and girls.