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Season Finale Run, Sunday 27th September 2009

Written by: Sabrina Tankard

On Sunday 27th September, George, Tony H, Mark, Steve, Winston, Paul, Anthony, Tris & Sam, John, Carl and myself (Sabrina) met at Chiverton roundabout for the start of the run.

Steve asked me if I wanted to drive his yellow Capri…….mmmmm it was a toughie but after 5 years of nagging him for “a go” I thought it only right that I snatch the keys off him (in case he changed his mind).

We left at about 10am and drove to Carland Cross roundabout where Steve wanted to fill the Capri and we also met Nigel in his Mk1 Cortina. Winston had had troubles with his Capri dropping water at Chiverton so took it home and met with us again en route at Tresillian in the flying Mondeo.

We all drove down to St Anthonys Head with Tris following on behind in the Puma armed with a camera, God only knows what he got on the lens if he was following George with his petrol/diesel mix going through the system.

I’m guessing it would be cloudy, maybe even a bit oily. [You weren’t wrong! – Ed.]

We arrived at the National Trust car park Steve went and called on the previous owners of his Capri. Tris was doing some rather strange things in some bushes and the rest of us were playing musical cars. The Capris all parked together whereas the other Fords… Tony’s Mk1 Escort and Nigel’s Mk1 Cortina were parked on the end, just past the nasty Vauxhall Omega.

Once we’d all had our pretty piccies taken, or the cars pretty piccies I should say, we drove to the King Harry Ferry. The entry on and off the Ferry was fine for some of us, although Tony managed to bend his front panel…ooops. He wasn’t a very happy bunny after that (I didn’t think it was even that bad).

Once off the ferry, swinging wide around the corner and off towards dry land, we were on our way to the Punchbowl and Ladle pub for lunch. They had very kindly kept a large space available in the car park for us all.

The meal was very good, although they had some troubles with getting the right desserts to the right tables. Jan met us all here, as she had bypassed the run via Matalan. Some of the group left us at the pub and the others made their own ways shortly after.

I was kind enough to drive Steve’s Capri back to his garage. Where Tony picked me up and I got to drive his Escort home, so a good day had by me then.

Henry Matthews & Friends Annual Rally 2009 – 19th & 20th September 2009

This was held at Todpool, near Chacewater.

Written by: Mark Roberts

Mark, Steve and Carl arrived at around 3.30pm on a glorious Saturday. We were directed to our area, where we met Anthony, his family, John and Alex. Being a local show, we spent the rest of the day having a natter with the organisers and some familiar faces.

As the evening approached, Mark,Steve and Carl setup camp while the rest of the club preferred the comfort of their beds! A bar and live music went on until the early hours, although the burger van shut early. (No cheesy chips AGAIN!)

Despite this, a good night was had by all, with Mark & Carl eventually chauffeuring Steve back to the tent.

Sunday morning dawned with the return of Anthony & John, shortly followed by Winston. A total of six Capris on the club stand looked really good with Anthony’s freshly painted 2.0(ish) and a rare appearance of Winston’s concourse 2.8.

Andy, Lee and family arrived and parked with one of their Cortina friends. The two Cortinas, one modified and one original, did draw the crowds with the difference of their stance.

This was a very interesting show with steamers, tractors, motorcycles, cars and various traders and stalls.
Thanks to Anthony for representing the club in the car parade.

To sum up, a well worth visit next year and one of the driest shows of the year!

Boconnoc Steam Fair, Boconnoc House, near Bodmin, 24th, 25th 26th July 2009

Nice show – shame about the weather!

Written by: Tristan Barratt

Members of the club had initially arranged to go to the Sunday of the show, the majority of us hadn’t been before so didn’t really know what to expect.

However, the forecast looked awful for Sunday, so Mark & Julie, Carl & Sally, Gary & Caroline and Tris decided to head up on the Saturday, with Gary & Caroline intending to camp over the Saturday night.

So, with the now fairly familiar grey skies above us, we left Chiverton Cross and headed for Truro to make our way to the show. Our route took us through St Austell and Lostwithiel and almost to Dobwalls when we picked up the trail of signs.

What a location! Set in the grounds of a stately home, there were a good 3/4 fields full of various different historic steam and agricultural machinery, along with hundreds of classic cars and ex-forces/services vehicles. Along with craft tents, stands and stalls, a fairground, helicopter rides and a ‘Wall of Death’, it was far bigger than we expected!

Mercifully, the weather just about held for the day, though the fields were fairly muddy from all the previous rain. Former member Nigel Wiles showed us his new pride and joy, a tidy looking Mk1 Cortina and rejoined the club too.

The majority of us left at about 4.30, leaving the grounds through what felt like a rally stage, along with an articulated low-loader lorry providing some ‘interesting’ moments of fun when he barged his way past us all with barely a cat’s whisker between his lumbering trailer and our wing mirrors.

Gary & Caroline stayed on for the night but received a soaking the next morning when they decided to finally leave at 1.30 in the afternoon.

Crash Box Club’s 36th Historic Vehicle Gathering – Powderham Castle, near Exeter

10th, 11th, 12th July 2009

Written by: Steve Hunt

On Friday, Tony and I made our way up to Powderham, with Gary, Sabrina, George and Tony following on a bit later in the day.

We had a look around the traders and a few of the early arrivals on display. Later we went down to the village pub for some food but as there was a 20th Party on, there was none being served. We only stayed for one pint then we went back and had a burger followed by a few more beers in the beer tent where we met a couple of the Old Skool Ford chaps.

On Saturday morning, we got up and went down to the Powderham cafe, where we had an excellent cooked breakfast and very reasonably priced too!

We pottered around looking at the other cars and traders who had arrived and waited for Mark, Lewis and Carl to arrive.
We also met up with Malcolm, Griff(OSF) and the RS boys and had a good old chinwag.

In the evening, Gary did his usual barbecue for us and then he went to the beer tent.
Rolled back to the tents late!

On Sunday, we got up and went to the cafe again for breakfast. We organised Mark, Steve, Tony, George, Carl and Gary’s cars on the display stand.

We were soon joined by Tris & Sam, Paul & Marlene and Roy.
Roy sold his XR3 at Powderham for a good price.

While we were wandering around, we met Paul and Wendy from Exeter. Paul said he had sold his 2.8 Capri to someone in Germany and he has now joined a new group called “Obviously Ford”. He now only has his Escort but will be looking for another Capri at a later date.

We saw some traction engines and some military vehicles which were interesting. It was very warm but showery but we still managed to see everything on display, dodging the occasional wet stuff.

We packed up late afternoon and got back home early evening.

Cornwall RS Owner’s Club Show – Stoke Climsland Football Club

Sunday 21st June 2009

Written by: Tristan Barratt

Mark, Carl, Steve, Carl & Sally, Andy and 2 of the clan, Winston & Malcolm met up at Chivvy at 8.30 on the Sunday morning and arranged to meet with George and Sabrina on the way to Stoke Climsland, the new venue for the Cornwall RSOC Show.

Sadly, Malcolm’s cat took ill on the way up which meant he and Winston had to turn back. So, Tris manfully took the lead (with a little help from his mate TomTom) and dragged the club members down some of the narrowest lanes in East Cornwall – then drove straight past the gate for the show. So much for technology!

Once in the showground, we were given the hump – which was a good thing, as we were arranged around a hump near the main parking area – we had a resplendent view of the whole proceedings.

The sky looked fairly heavy at the start of the day but the cloud broke at around lunchtime and it was lovely and hot for the rest of the show! Perfect weather for admiring the wide range of Ford Rallye Sport vehicles that had travelled to the show from as far afield as Wales and Swindon.

The raffle and prize giving was done at 3.30 and the Duchy club left at about 4.00, on a gorgeously sunny drive home.

Sprys of Launceston Ride and Drive Day

Sunday 7th June 2009

Written by: Tristan Barratt

The Duchy Capri Club were invited to a new event that Ford dealership Sprys of Launceston were holding, a “Ride and Drive” day, where a selection of current Ford vehicles were lined up on their forecourt and anyone could test drive them as they wished.

So, we arrived in the morning and were greeted by the very friendly and helpful staff, who allowed us the use of their valeting bay if required. Once spruced up, we took our place on the forecourt next to a growing number of other local classic Fords that were also invited.

The members were able to try any of the display vehicles and at lunchtime, a hog roast was organised to satisfy everybody’s hunger.

The weather didn’t help on the day but amidst a few heavy showers, there were some bright spells. Mr Spry parked his Aston Martin Vantage on the forecourt but sadly, no one was allowed to take that for a test drive!

Roy Atkinson won the “Car of the Day” cup for his Escort XR3i – congratulations Roy!

It was a very enjoyable day and we would like to thank Sprys for their kind invitation and hospitality. The event is hopefully to be held twice a year from now on, so we hope to see you at the next one!

Ford Capri Club 40th Anniversary Celebration at Castle Combe Race Track, Wiltshire

Saturday 6th June 2009

Written by: Mark Roberts

An early start for this one. We left Chivvy Roundabout at 6.00am, Tris & Sam, Trevor & Tyler, Mark, Steve, Carl & Arron.

On route to Exeter services we met George & Sabrina, Paul & Marlene. As we pulled into Exeter Services we spotted Simon & Kath from Torbay Capri Club who was joining us for the day. Our final Capri a gorgeous Mk2 3.0 Ghia with John & Alex had caught us up after leaving later. We left with 8 Capri’s and rejoined the M5 and faced heavy rain and some of the worst driving conditions, with poor old Capri wipers on fast speed it was a very hazardous few miles. Once clear of the rain we had a trouble free run to Castle Combe.

On arrival we handed our passes and were sent to a grass area to park up. One problem was apparent though, we seemed to be the only club there. During a walkabout Carl found more Capris and our club area, we were parked in the wrong place! Once re parked we could see plenty of other clubs, best display was the Capri Mk1 Owners Club with 25 cars on their stand, and we had never seen so many Mk1’s.

During the morning each club had to pick 2 cars for a 38 car parade around the track with Vince Woodman’s race Mk1. It was decided that Mark’s 2.8 special and John’s Mk2 3.0 Ghia would line up for Duchy and Simon’s 280 Brooklands for Torbay. As we set off the pace was quite rapid and it was clear that we were in for 2 quick laps, with speeds up to 85mph down the main straight, Woo Hoo!

Following the 2 laps we lined up on the main straight again and waited for all Capri’s who wanted to join in for a further 2 laps. Paul, George, Trevor and Carl made their way along with many Capri’s to the track. (The organisers were hoping to break a record for the most Capri’s on track) Big thanks to Tris who sacrificed not taking his Capri on track to take some stunning pics.

Unofficial reports indicated 119 Capri’s took part, unfortunately a little short of the 200 they had hoped for. Once back at our club area we spent the rest of the day between looking at cars on show and track action.

We left at 4.00 pm and had a trouble free run until the outskirts of Exeter, heavy rain again and in the same area, unbelievable (hope the weather will be kinder to us at Powderham Castle) As well as the bad weather, George heard a knocking from his steering, after a quick look he decided to drive on curiously and made it back ok. Inspection next day revealed a collapsed wheel bearing!! How lucky was that?

A big thank you to everyone who attended.

Duchy Capri Club 10th Anniversary Weekend at Hendra Holiday Park, Newquay 2009

Friday 15th, Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th May 2009

Written by: Tristan Barratt

Duchy Capri Club has always been able to rely on the weather.


Having said that, despite the forecast in the week preceding the weekend being that of gales, wind, tornados, hurricanes, hail, rain, typhoons, twisters, frogs and anything else that can be thrown out of the sky, we actually had some good sunny spells and dry weather for the most part.

Steve, Mark, Carl, Tony, Gary, Tris, Sam, Martin, Sabrina and George arrived on the Friday night and set up their camping accoutrements and proceeded to hit the nightclub, wherein Gary nearly got us thrown out for shouting “House” in an inappropriate manner during the bingo and Carl got Tris a tad lightheaded. Tris then dazzled everyone as he threw some of his more dangerous shapes in the club, impressing the members who hadn’t seen him strut his stuff in such a funky way before.

Steve and Martin then rolled up with beefburgers the size of a small child’s head and proceeded to demolish them manfully. After many shandies were imbibed, a small stagger back to the campsite was needed before everyone hit their sleeping bags.

Saturday dawned bright and breezy and other club members arrived in time for the late morning car run, from Hendra out to Summercourt, back around to Newquay and the Kings Head for lunch before heading up the coast towards Mawgan Porth. Here we all stopped and Tris performed another contortionist act while getting some photos.

We then carried on up the coast to Bedruthan Steps, where the members parked for a while, taking in the beautiful stretch of National Trust protected coastline.

Back to the campsite in the evening, Gary the club’s “Catering Core” broke in our brand new barbecue in great style, with some absolutely delicious burgers and sausages supplied by Paul and Marlene (thank you very much!) Jan had organised a quiz for the members and a fantastic evening was had by everyone.

As the evening wound down, several members, on hearing of the impending night’s poor weather packed up and trekked their way home, leaving a hardy Tony, Mark, Gary and Steve to brave another night’s camping.

An excellent weekend, not hampered by the weather and a great trial run for our future shows, as we have now confirmed that we will be holding our future Classic Ford shows at Hendra!