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Christmas Meal at Loggans Moor Brewers Fayre, Connor Downs – Saturday 6th December 2014

Written by: Mark Roberts

This year we decided to hold our festive “Get together” at Brewers Fayre Hayle. A great time was had by all, with good food and one or two beverages.

Hope everyone has a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show – NEC Birmingham, Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th November 2014

An early start for this one, 3.30am on Saturday morning, we must be mad or just Classic Ford fans.

Written by: Mark Roberts & Dave Anderson

We arrived at the NEC (Mark, Steve, John, Dave, Carl, and Vince) mid morning, once inside we headed to the auto jumble.

It was almost lunchtime before we got to look at any cars; this year was even bigger with halls 6-12 and 17-20 packed with over 1700 Classic Cars and related goodies.

It seemed the Ford hall was the busiest as we struggled to get close to some of the cars, the Capri Mk1 Owners Club had 3 stunning Capri’s, also the AVO club had some cool Escorts.

Mike Brewer and Ed China were on their live stage restoring Ed’s favourite – a VW Beetle. They also had some their best restored cars from their Wheeler Dealers shows, including a yellow Mk1 Escort which was bought locally here in Cornwall.

Saturday ended with Mark and Dave visiting the Silverstone auction where reportedly some of the celebs including Chris Evans, Nick Mason and Sir Stirling Moss were in attendance. Prices as we expected were high and we saw a 1994 Jaguar XJ220 with 6000 miles sell for £247,500 and a restored Parana Capri make £27,500.Earlier in the day a 1973 AVO Escort RS Mexico sold for £27,563, nearly £10,000 over the lower estimate.

Saturday evening was spent at a local Premier Inn with some good food and one or two beverages.

Sunday started with a big hearty breakfast, and then off to the NEC to catch up with what we missed on Saturday.

The American section had a great stand from the UK Mustang Club; some great cars both old and new had us drooling.

Show sponsor Lancaster Insurance had some famous movie Cars on their stand, including ECTO – 1 from Ghostbusters, K.I.T.T from Knight Rider and the Delorean from Back to the Future.

Once we had visited the rest of the halls, we had one more look at the Fords and the auto jumble and decided to leave at 2.30pm.

Tregrehan Speed Hill Climb – Sunday 12th October 2014

Organised by Truro and District Motor Club

Written by: Mark Roberts

An early Start for this one as Mark and John met at Chivey Services at 8.00am. We then headed to St Austell and at Tresillian we were joined by new member Tom with his Capri Laser.

On arrival at Tregrehan we will told to park at the top of the hill, the hill was then closed for the Speed Hill Climb. We had 5 Capri’s on our stand with Robert & Linda and Geoff also joining us. There will a few other Classics on display including a very tidy Cortina Mk2 and the Local Subaru Club.

During the morning the Hill Climbers had 2 practice runs, amongst the classics entered there were 3 Fords – 2 Mk1 Escorts and a Mk1 Fiesta plus the usual kit cars, one seater’s, lots of Subaru’s and a everyday car class. It was soon lunchtime and Classic Owners who were not involved with the hill Climb could have a run up the hill. Members Robert and Tom decided to have a go, although they were briefed before about taking it – steady.

The afternoon and the final 2 runs, everyone stepped up their effort – a Mini managed to recover a certain off but on one of the last runs of the day, one of the Mk1 Escorts who was on a flyer wasn’t so lucky, after clipping the hedge and couple of spins – driver and car were ok.

Thanks to Truro and District Motor Club for a great day.

Season Finale Run, Sunday 28th September 2014

Written by: Mark Roberts

With another season drawing to a close, it was time for our end of Season Car Run.

This year we decided to visit Mimis Vintage Diner, Bugle. Members Mark (myself) Steve, John, Geoff, Kevin, Josh, Dave J and his family, Carl & Sally also joining us was a new member David & Lisa with their gorgeous Cortina Estate, we all met at Chivey.

Leaving Chivey, our route took us through Truro and then on to the A30, where we met Robert. We then carried on led by Robert to Bugle and reached our destination. Members Dave & Karen and Linda had already arrived and we were also joined by Jason with his black Capri 2.8 who hopefully may join us.

Once we were all seated we all ordered from the menu, and we weren’t disappointed – Excellent Food, Great Diner and everyone was happy. We then parked the cars in front of the Diner for a photo shoot. The only downside was that my water pump decided to spring a leak, after a quick check and water top – up, I managed to limp home.

A big thank you to the Owners and Staff at Mimis Vintage Diner for a great day and to Dave Anderson for helping to organise this event.

Rosudgeon Vintage Rally, Rosudgeon Cricket Club – Sunday 7th September 2014

Written by: Mark Roberts

We all met up at West Country Classics (Mark, Steve, Winston, John, Carl & Sally, Craig, Robert & Linda and Dave & Sarah) which was just opposite the Cricket Club.

We certainly improved their forecourt for a short while. Once parked at the show area we set up our Club Stand, it was great to see Carl’s recently Purchased Ford Fairlane pickup. There were a lot of cars at this Show with surprisingly quite a few for sale which included a very tidy restored Ford Popular.

With Tractors, Steam, plenty of traders and refreshments, there was something for everyone.

This show hasn’t been running for a few years but judging by this year’s success we will be back again next year.

The Cornish Steam & Country Fair (West of England) – 15th – 17th August 2014

Written by: Mark Roberts


Members Mark, John, Winston, Bernie, Carl and Craig met up at 7.00pm to set up our Club Stand. Not a major success as we forgot the sides and pins for the gazebo and the flag for the flag pole! Never mind, at least the weather was good and we were all looking forward to a great weekend.


Due to work commitments we unfortunately just had 3 cars on our Stand. Mark’s Capri 2.8 Special, Bernie’s Capri 3.0S and John’s Capri 2.0 Ghia. The day was generally quiet which, in one way was great as we took the opportunity look around for any bargains. On Friday evening Mark and Steve travelled back to meet Josh to collect Steve’s Capri 2.0S. While at home Mark picked his Capri Mk1, then travelled back to the ground with Lewis.


The weather forecast before indicated that Saturday would be dry and sunny and we weren’t disappointed. The Car section soon filled up, and we were joined by Winston, Carl & Sally, Josh, Craig & Sabrina and Kevin – total of 10 cars on our stand. We had a lot of interest in our cars throughout the day and possibly a couple of new members. There was something for everyone – Commercials, Motorbikes, Tractors, many Stalls, heavy horses plus much more.

Saturday evening Mark, Steve and Lewis camped and went down to the beer tent to watch Johnny Cowling – he did more singing this year not quite so funny. Also there were no Fairground rides – slightly disappointing.


We were relieved to wake up and find our gazebo was still standing after a very rough night, some of the traders weren’t so lucky. We were joined today by Will, Pete, Robert & Linda – a total of 6 cars on our stand. The weather was a bit hit and miss but this didn’t deter anyone and the show was very busy again. Mark and Pete decided to join in with the Parade lap and instead of mugs this year we all had a key ring. It was soon time to pack up the Stand – Another year over already!! Can’t wait till next year – A big Thank you to Car Secretary Jason Goss.

Mount Edgecumbe Country Fair and Classic Car Show – Sunday 3rd August 2014

Written by: Julie Roberts

A beautiful start to a lovely day. I travelled up to Mount Edgcumbe with Mark, Steve and John, meeting Carl and Sally at Chiverton.

We were joined by a Mk 4 Escort, whose owner- Dave James is friends with Carl, he also brought his family along (hopefully he may join our club). We arrived at the show about 10.45 and were amazed with the mount of cars already parked.

As always there were lots of stalls and even Eddy Irvine’s F1 car (2005) was on display.

There were plenty of Classic Fords on display from the early 1930’s to the Ford Cosworths of the 1990’s both standard and modified. We had 4 cars on our Stand 2 Capri’s, a Granada Console and a Mk4 Escort

It was good to see that the local radio station – Radio Cornwall, came to the show, fronted by Lawrence Reed. Unfortunately we didn’t get to chat to him (we will make up for that at West of England!)

The view was as always fantastic, from the Mount Edgecumbe park right across to Plymouth and on a day like today wonderful.

Due to the number of cars we decided to pack up early as we didn’t want to get snarled up with the traffic; however it was quite bad in the neighbouring villages. In Crafthole the villagers had a sign saying “Honk your Horn” so that’s what we did – only to get a great cheer from a small group of people, which was great.

Wheels 2014 @ The Royal Cornwall Showground Sunday 20th July

Written by: Mark Roberts

Having not been to this one as a Club for a few years, it was great to have 8 cars on our Stand. And again another Show with fantastic weather.

We met at our usual place for 9.30, Myself (Mark) Steve, John, Winston, Pete, Kevin and Carl & Sally. We then trundled up on a beautiful Sunday morning in a convoy, the closer we got to Wadebridge the more Classics we saw.

Once in the Showground we met Robert & Linda, who had saved a space for our Club display.

This was a great show with Cars, Motor Cycles, Lorries, Buses, tractors, basically as the event suggest anything with wheels.

There was a good turn-out of Fords including a Mk2 Escort with 14,000 miles from new and a very tidy Mk1 XR2 in white. We had interest from a number of people about joining our Club; hopefully we may see them at our next meet in August.

It was soon to head home, looking forward to our next show.

Cornwall RS Regional Day – Little Bodieve Holiday Park, Wadebridge, Sunday 22nd June 2014

Written by: Mark Roberts

Members who attended; Myself (Mark), Steve, John, Vince, Winston, Dave, Craig & Sabrina, Robert & Linda.

There are few things better than Classic Fords and Sunny weather, and this is what greeted us at the Cornwall RS day.

There were many great Fords on display both modified and standard. One that caught my eye was a 400 bhp Cosworth Ford Ka, arguably not a great combination but it was well done.

Bargain of the day was a 1966 Mustang for £5000 – see Martin at Four Lanes Garage.

It was great to meet Stuart with his very clean Capri Facelift GT Automatic; hopefully he will join us soon. Another Capri that stood out was a Laser restored in Signal Orange with 2.0S detailing, interesting Car – and number plate.

It was soon time for the formalities and then to head home. Thanks to Mike and all at Cornwall RS Owners for a great day.

Proper Cornish Cruisers Cruisin Weekend – May 16th – 18th 2014

Written by: Mark Roberts

Club member Tony and his partner Julie camped for the weekend.

Great weather for this one as we (Mark, Julie, John and Vince) joined our friends at Proper Cornish Cruisers for their Sunday run.

This year we left Magor farm and headed off to St Ives through the coast road, which was a nice change from the Hayle by-pass. When we arrived at St Ives we were astonished to find that the town was crowded and virtually all of them turned to watch the possession of cars! All we could hear from where we were in the line was “Oh look, a Capri!” which was good to hear.

Once we completed to tour around St Ives we proceeded towards Marazion, once there we parked in a long line of cars, about 25 in all! It was lovely to be included and was told that there would be a panoramic photograph taken. We were parked opposite the Mount on the beach car park, having done so went for a cup of tea. We drank our drinks whereas John decided to bathe in his coffee! Spilling it on his club shirt! Ha! Ha!

We were very lucky with the weather and all in all, a good day out.